Monday, August 6, 2007

Genius and Madman

OVARTACI (1894-1981) hasn't obtained the celebrity he deserved. Somehow he hasn't been able to do it internationally even though he was a celebrated creative person in his fatherland of Denmark. I believe the ground is that he wasn't only a superb and very alone artist, but also a psychiatrical patient, committed to the Refuge of Risskov for many, many years. He takes some rethinking to measure and unfortunately almost nil have been written about him except in Danish. He started out, sane and sound it seems, as the immature painter helper Joe Louis Marcussen, but after a journeying to Argentine Republic with a friend he became blunt raving huffy mad. Cipher cognizes what happened or what triggered this serious illness, but when he returned he was committed to a mental refuge at once. He was diagnosed a schizophrenic which looks likely when the symptoms are being taken into account.

In the refuge he started to paint what he saw as the true world, i.e. as the background for an eternal twine of lives as his strong belief in reincarnation made him paint his earlier embodiments in Spain, Egypt, China, etc., etc.. He said that he remembered more than than 1000 of these incarnations, some as an animate being and some as a man. Well, actually, most of his human lives were as a adult female and on the 22nd of July 1951 he tried to go back to this state of muliebrity by cutting off his penis. This was something he had wanted to make for some clip and it actually made him experience much better. Now that he had go what he himself called a "virul" - a 3rd grammatical gender or a particular sort of adult female - he seemed very happy. He professed himself a "prophet", he painted, made sculptures, wrote verse forms and talked to visitants and supporters and small by small he grew more than than and more "normal". That is, never QUITE normal, but more than than and more so even though he refused to take medical specialty for his illness.

By now he was quite well known for his unusual pictures of domestic dog like women in mythological landscapes. Some of them are rather uncanny, but all of them quite unique. He dug deep into Eastern religions, old mythology and the like, but first and first he painted his ain visions and his percepts of his former incarnations.

As his fine art had a definite healing consequence on him he might not have got had to remain for 56 old age in mental hospitals, but although he tried to escape, e.g. by a ego made "helicopter", these efforts didn't look whole hearted escapes. Perhaps portion of him wanted to remain as he take a good and rather coddled life as the "super loon" he called himself. Everybody else first and first proverb him as the fantastic painter he was.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How To Get A Tribal Tattoo Design And A Modern Tattoo Design Together

A tribal tattoo can run from a base alone generic designing to something much more than composite and symbolic. But what if one doesn't desire to be limited to the tribal design, and desires to integrate other more than modern designs. Here is a manner to have got a tribal tattoo while syncing it up with another design.

-Incorporating the a tribal tattoo with modern design.

This affects incorporating both modern designing with tribal design, but doing so in a tasteful way. This reflects both the current twenty-four hours while also representing the past. Basically a tattoo designing is used, for case a peculiar physical physical object of some sort, then a tribal tattoo designing is incorporated around it, alongside it, or preferably in a manner where "equal billing" is given to both the object and image of tribal tattoo. Many of the weaker versions of this simply have got tribal "arms" sticking out from the object. Here the tribal tattoo is essentially demoted to that of acting as "flames". Stronger versions of incorporating tribal with modern affect utilizing the tribal tattoo in a mode that plant alongside the physical object in some manner, visually or symbolically. It usually volition not only beef up the object, but also be able to throw it's own.

A tribal tattoo may look an easy pick on the surface, but if you are into determination something alone with meaning, and incorporating it with an existent or new tat, then its worth researching to happen the right designing that will fit. The right tribal tattoo combined with your favourite modern tattoo is deserving much research into not only plan but significance as well. What makes it symbolize or base for? How could that associate to the modern design? Choosing a tribal tattoo and modern tattoo together as one could do for the ideal tattoo.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shree Ganeshaye Namaha

Why is Ganesa always the first Supreme Being invoked in all spiritual ceremonies?

Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha

Nirvighnam Kurumeydeva Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada

Vakratunda : Godhead with Curved Trunk

Mahakaya: Large Bodied

Surya Koti: Million Suns

Samaprabha: With The Glare Of

Nirvighnam: Free Of Obstacles

Kuru: Make

Mey: My

Deva: Type Type O Lord

Sarva Karyeshu: All Work

Sarvada: Always

"O Godhead Ganesa of Large Body,

Curved Trunk,

With the Glare of a Million Suns,

Make All My Work Free Of Obstacles,


Ganesha is revered as the boy of the Universal Joint parents Shiva and Parvati, and is always honored first in most worship services and rituals. All ceremonies, spiritual or secular, get with an supplication to Ganesha. 'Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha', literally meaning "Ganesha, I pray to you". Ganesa have an elephantine visage with a curved tree trunk and large ears, and a immense pot-bellied organic structure of a human being. He is also known as Vighneshvara or Vighnaharta, the Godhead of Success and Destroyer of immoralities and obstacles. According to the Narasimha Purana, if he is not worshipped at the beginning of a ceremony, he makes obstructions for the performers. Therefore, no substance what the juncture or ceremonial be, Ganesa is worshipped before all other deities. For this reason, He is called Vighneshwara, the Remover of all Obstacles. Ganesha's Vehicle (Vahana) is the Mouse, symbolical of gnawing its manner through everything, thus depicting the God's ability to cut through all obstacles.

Ganesha is also worshipped as the Supreme Being of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. The fans of Ganesa are known as 'Ganapatyas', and the festival to observe and glorify him is called Ganesa Chaturthi. The Puranas state that the 4th twenty-four hours of every month, known as Chaturthi, is especially auspicious for Ganesa worship. It is believed that Ganesa was born on the chaturthi of the calendar month of Bhadra (September), on which the festival of Ganesa Chaturthi commences and is famed for 10 years esp. inch Maharashtra (India), though in some parts of the country, this festival is also famed for five, seven or twenty one days.

Ganesha is also known as Ganapati, the Supreme Being of wisdom, prudence and salvation. Gallium intends "knowledge", Na agency "salvation", and Pati intends "lord". Ganesa also intends 'Lord of the Ganas', Shiva's battalion of Attendants. His other name calling are Vinayaka (Prominent Leader), Gajamukha or Gajanana (Elephant-Faced), Gajadhipati (Lord of Elephants), Lambakarna (Long-Eared), Lambodara (Pendant-Bellied) and Ekadanta (Having One Tusk).

The narrative of the birth of this zoomorphic Elephant-God, arsenic depicted in the Shiva Purana, travels like this: Once Goddess Parvati, while bathing, created a male child with her occult powerfulnesses out of her sweat, nape and Curcuma longa paste which she prepared to cleanse her organic structure and assigned him the undertaking of guarding the entranceway to her door-less bathroom. She made a beautiful boy's graven image about the age of 12 years, infusing life into it, and thus Ganesa was born. For grounds of privateness and protection, Anapurna stationed him at the entranceway to halt anyone from entering, while she was bathing. When Parvati's Husband Shiva returned place from his mountainous Samadhi (meditation) , he was surprised to happen a immature male child denying him access, as he stood house in his manner and wouldn't budge.

Ganesha unaware of Shiva's personal identity said: "I have got never seen you before and I don't recognise you. I have got been instructed by my female parent - Anapurna - to halt anyone from entering her chamber, and I am her boy Ganesha." Shiva was bewildered with daze and told him that he had no boy by the name of Ganesha. He tried to force Ganesa aside respective modern times but the kid was very strong, and this angered Shiva all the more than and he with his trident, struck off the boy's caput in rage.

Parvati on hearing the commotion, came out and on seeing Ganesha's exanimate body, broke down in arrant grief. She angrily told her hubby that having left her alone, making her suffer his absence, then to go back without notice and kill their ain boy was unforgivable. Realizing his grave mistake, Shiva sent out his squad/troops (Gana) to bring the caput of the first sleeping being who was facing the north. A sleeping elephant was establish and its severed caput was brought and attached to the organic structure of the boy. Shiva restored his life and made him the Leader/Commander (Pati) of his troops, in compensation for the loss of his human head. Hence his name 'Ganapati' - Commander/Leader of Troops.

Even this resurgence enactment of Shiva did not pacify Parvati, who visual perception her once beautiful boy expression like an elephant, was all the more than upset. She said to Shiva in tears: "Nobody will worship my boy as a God, you have got made him look like an Elephant." Shiva declared there and then that Ganesa should be worshipped first, before any word form of worship was offered to any other manifestation of divinity. And Shiva's bestowed blessing throws true to this twenty-four hours that people worship Ganesa and raise his name before project any new venture or of import task. In all auspicious spiritual and societal ceremonies, Ganesha's holy name is first invoked, except in funeral rites.

The fables narrated about Godhead Ganesa are recorded in the 'Ganesha Khanda' of the Brahma Vivartha Purana. Another narrative of his origin, establish in the Brahma Vivartha Purana is as follows: Shiva asked Anapurna to detect the Punyaka Vrata for a twelvemonth to pacify Vishnu in order to have got a son. On completion of the Vrata by Parvati, it was announced that The Godhead of Gopikas, the Godhead of all Creatures - Krishna, would incarnate Himself as her boy as a consequence of the Vrata. Accordingly, Krishna was born as a charming infant, delighting Anapurna and Shiva who celebrated the event with great enthusiasm.

All the Gods and Goddesses assembled to rejoice on his birth. Godhead Shani, the boy of Surya (Sun-God), was also present but he refused to look at the infant. Perturbed at this behavior, Anapurna asked him the reason, and Shani replied that his looking at the babe would harm the newborn. However, on Parvati's insisting when Shani eyed the baby, the child's caput was severed instantly. Anapurna and all the Gods assembled there including Shiva, were grief-stricken. They all started to bemoan, whereupon Vishnu mounted Garuda and rushed to the depository financial institution of river Pushpabhadra, brought back the caput of a immature elephant, and joined it to the baby's headless body, thus reviving it. All the Gods blessed Ganesa and wished Him powerfulness and prosperity. Shiva made Ganesa the Leader of his Military Personnel (Gana), and also gave Him the followers boon:

"All obstacles, whatever they may be, will be rooted out by worshipping Ganesha, even as diseases are cured by the worship of Surya and pureness consequences when Vishnu is worshipped."

Ganesha is also very well known for his ready humor and crisp intellect. Another Legend travels that once there was a competition between Ganesa and his blood brother Karttikeya (Lord Subramanya) as to who could be the first 1 to circum-ambulate the whole world. Ganesa with his pot-bellied organic structure and mouse as vehicle could never trust to compete. Karttikeya went off on his vehicle, the flying peacock butterfly to cover the whole world, while Ganesha, in loving worshipfulness, asked Shiva and Anapurna to be seated down and circum-ambulated his parents. When asked why he did so, he answered that to him, his Godhead parents meant the whole human race - the full manifested universe. Thus, Godhead Shiva settled the consequence in favour of Godhead Ganesa and announced him winning because of his wisdom and presence of mind.

Why Bashes the Moon Keep waxing and waning ?! And Why isn't every nighttime a Poornima - a full moon night?!

The Legend travels that once, Ganesa accidentally tripped and fell, breaking one of his ivories in the procedure (this is also said to be one of the grounds for Ganesha's one-half or lacking tusk). Chandradev (Moon God) saw this and laughed. Ganesha, being the short-tempered one, cursed Chandradev that anyone who haps to see the moon will incur bad luck. Hearing this, Chandradev realised his foolishness and asked for forgiveness from Ganesha. Ganesa relented and since a curse word word cannot be revoked, only softened, Ganesa softened his curse such as that the moon would wax and decline in size and form every 15 years and anyone who looks at the moon during Ganesa Chaturthi would incur bad-luck.

It is said that anyone who looks at the moon on the nighttime of the Ganesa Chaturthi will be falsely accused of larceny or law-breaking being reminded that The Moon-God behaved unbecomingly towards Godhead Ganesha. This, in world intends to avoid the company of all those who have got no religion in God, who deride Supreme Being and Religion.

Riddhi-Siddhi and 'Shubha-Labha'

Since Ganesa with an elephant-head was not beautiful, he had trouble in getting married, while all the other Gods were being sought after. In his choler and frustration, He told the rats to delve up holes on any manner that the Baraat (wedding-procession) of any Supreme Being would travel to the Bride's house, thus making many chuckholes and obstructions in their way. The mediocre Gods as Grooms got very rattled and could not travel elegantly for their marriage. They all went to Brahma and complained bitterly about Ganesa and his tricks. In order to pacify Ganesha, Brahma created two beautiful misses named Riddhi (material abundance) and Siddhi (intellectual and Negro spiritual prowess), and told Ganesa he can have got two wives instead of one, and Brahma with his consort Saraswati, gave away these two misses inch matrimony to Ganesha, thus becoming his in-laws in the process.

One who delights Godhead Ganesa is invariably blessed by his two wives Riddhi and Siddhi, with Prosperity and Progress. After his marriage, Ganesa stopped the rats from excavation any more, and hence became the Conqueror of Obstacles, adopting the Rat as his ageless Vahana (Vehicle). Ganesa and his two consorts, Riddhi and Siddhi, have got two boys named: Shubha (Auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit), thus the association of the twin words Shubha-Labha. Ganesha's girl is Santoshi (Goddess of Satisfaction), worshipped by Hindus on Fridays, with offers of Jaggery and a tabu on rancid food.

Ganesha is also believed to have got been the legendary Scribe who wrote down the textual matter of the Indian Epic Poem Mahabharatam as it was recited by the sage Ved Vyasa. When the sage asked Ganesa to compose down the epic, the playful learned Supreme Being agreed on status that his pen should not halt moving until the narrative was completed i.e. Vyasa must recite the Epic Poem non-stop. Vyasa agreed but imposed a counter-condition that Ganesa understand each poetry completely before transcribing it. So whenever Ganesa stopped to see Vyasa's complex compositions, the sage would utilize the clip to compose more verses. Thus the great epic poem of Mahabharatam is said to have got been written by Godhead Ganesha.

Any sculpture of Ganesa with his elephantine tree trunk pointing to the left is used for place decoration, as symbolically it is associated with Grihasthas (Householders) and points to the way for success in the world. Any mental image with Ganesha's tree trunk pointing to the right is used for worship and prayers, as the way typifies the ultimate way of life: Moksha or Redemption through repudiation of the world. When one takes a Ganesa sculpture that is proper for their ain Negro spiritual path, the place of the tree trunk is good to maintain in mind.

In many places and temples, the mental image of Goddess Lakshmi is often flanked by the mental images of Goddess Saraswati and Godhead Ganesha, indicating the reaching of prosperity where there is cognition and no obstacles. Perhaps the most ancient of Ganesa shrines in India, is the well known Karpaka Vinayakar temple in the town of Pillaiarpatti near Karaikkudi in Tamilnadu. This temple with a stone cut shrine, bearing a collossal word form of Vinayakar, is over 1600 old age old.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Relationship of One to Many

Although all of human history is filled with the promotion of cognition of the nature of the human ego, its places and capacities, its assets and its liabilities, the conception of ego that have evolved have been but a phase in the progressive disclosure of the nature of the ego to consciousness, and new experience will ultimately turn out present cognition to be limited in relation to the domain of expanding cognition concerning the greater Self.

This greater Self is not only connected with higher kingdoms of Negro spiritual truth and light. It is also connected to the composite Self which incorporates all of world within it, and to an even greater Self that incorporates the psyches of all that lives, including non- person creatures. The corporate Self that is world which dwells within each individual self, throws a consciousness of being One and an consciousness of belonging and of being portion of all. It cannot separate itself from any other any more than than a leaf blade of grass can claim to be separate from the remainder of the grass in a hayfield or field. The single component is no different than the whole; what distinguishes it is that it is a point of consciousness within an person form.

The singularity of each individually embodied ego in its expression, talents, aspirations, longings, and capacities have given rise to a highly developed sense of the alone individual – a intent and result held for psyches at the dawning of Creation that would give to each, complete freedom of look within embodied form. Nevertheless, it was also determined that the consciousness of individualism would, at a peculiar occasion in time, fall in with the consciousness of integrity and that the ultimate consciousness that would germinate would be a consciousness of one within One.

At this clip in human history, we see the displacement beginning. The pendulum that have swung toward individualisation have go overweighted in that direction, and therefore must swing back toward the perceptual experience of unity. As a result, what refers the ego in footing of its desires, nisuses for accomplishment, and attempts at command on all levels, can now be placed within the greater linguistic context of devotedness and harmonisation of one's personal involvements to profit the social welfare of the whole. It is at the point of upper limit look of the push toward individualisation that such as a turning point can occur, and this displacement which is taking topographic point now will re-balance the scale of measurement and make a new motion toward integrity consciousness. The circle of Creation that consists the motion toward Individualization and toward Unity, in order to be complete, must finish itself in both directions. Therefore, the individualized egotism must convey all of itself, with all of its sense of differentness and singularity to the chase of Unity, so that the circle can once again be made whole.

The motivating factor in this tax return cannot be created by the ego, with its investing in self-advancement, mastery, and self-expression. The motivating factor must be based on the experience of Love – not the love between two, but the love between Many, activated by the profound awakening to an apprehension that what is Many is also One. This is the necessary ingredient that must be to turn the tide from Command toward Devotion toward the Whole, and from self-interest, to involvement in the wellbeing of all.

Love of sufficient strength, duration, commitment, and Negro spiritual effectiveness must be felt by the psyche so that it cognizes the truth active within each individual ego of its unity with all selves, and so that it cognizes the truth existing within all selves of their unity with God. When love of this sort is activated within the bosom of each beingness as a consequence of greater visible light being present on the earth, then for the first clip in human history, all selves will cognize that they are one, and that for that ground what was tolerated before in the manner of struggle and division, can be tolerated no longer.

May this love come up soon to pass over away all hints of hate and rancor, and may it inculcate the Black Maria of all so that one in purpose, and one in effort, a new and sacred human race can be created.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Learn, Teach, and Improve Your Spirituals Gifts

God so loved the human race that He gave the human race His best. He gave His boy Jesus. All born again Christians cognize that Jesus Of Nazareth died and rose again so that we may have got ageless life. But is that all there is to being a follower of Christ?

It is written in Ephesians 4:8 why he saith, when he ascended up on high, he led imprisonment prisoner and gave gifts unto men. Everybody in the Christian church have a portion in the sophistication of the organic structure of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:7 says, "Now to each 1 the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good." Everyone that is of Jesus and is portion of the organic structure of Jesus have an duty to function one anther with their Negro spiritual gifts.

But what are these gifts? There are many gifts and many ways to function the organic structure of Christ. These gifts are of the manifestation of the Spirit of Christ. There are different sorts of gifts but the same Spirit. There are different sorts of service, but the same Lord. (1 Cor. 12:4-5) Although sentiments differ on the existent figure of Negro spiritual gifts, God's Word clearly bespeaks a assortment of gifts.

Here is a listing of just a few gifts and ways to mathematical function the organic structure of Christ:















Interpretation of Tongues




Just as each of us have got 1 organic structure with many members, and these members make not all have the same function, so in Jesus we who are many word form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have got different gifts, according to the saving grace given us. (Romans 12:4-6a)

Each 1 should utilize whatever gift he or she have received to function others, faithfully administering God's saving grace in its assorted forms. (1 Pet. 4:10) This is something that is relevant and necessary for the organic structure of Christ. Many of us, me included at one time, travel to Christian church every Sunday. We hear the word of God, state our amen's, and then travel place and eat. That is where our life as a Christian gets and ends. But we have got been called as the visible light of the world. Romans 12:2 states And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transform by the renewing of your head that you may turn out what is that good, and acceptable and perfect volition of God. When we accepted the Godhead into our lives, the old natural adult male died. We were "born again" into occult beings. As following of Jesus we are in this human race and not of this world. Mark 16:15 states –And Helium said unto them, Go Ye into all the world, and prophesy the Gospel to every creature. 16) He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17) And these marks shall follow those that believe; In my name shall they project out devils; they shall talk with new tongues. 18) They shall take up serpents; and if they imbibe any deathly thing, it shall not harm them; they shall put custody on the sick, and they shall recover.

Believers are empowered through Jesus our Lord. We travel through twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours not even using those gifts. We are occult beingnesses with occult gifts and we don't even utilize them for the sophistication of the organic structure of Jesus or to witnesser to sinners. The human race is in hunt for the supernatural. Psychics are getting paid large money because they are using occult gifts (not of God, but portion of the supernatural). Here we are Christians talented with occult gifts we make not even use.

This may be trade name new news to some believers. Like me at one time, many trusters just travel about their twenty-four hours like nil have changed in their life when they accepted the Godhead into their heart. Maybe the gifts were not explained. But we must read the word of the Godhead and it will explicate who we are in Christ. Sons and Daughters of the Godhead have got a occupation to do. That occupation is enhanced with the gifts that were given to you when you accepted Him in your life. Believe it or not everyone acquires them when they take to follow Him. How we utilize them is up to us.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Alchemy, Shamanism, Organic Food, and the Doctrine of Signatures

The 16th century alchemist and philosopher, Paracelsus, introduced in his treatise the Doctrine of Signatures , the concept that the Creator has placed his seal on plants to indicate their medicinal uses.

Underlying Paracelsus' treatise was the premise that nature was itself a living organism which must be considered an expression of "the One Life", and that man and the universe are the same in their essential nature.

The 16th century alchemist and philosopher, Paracelsus, introduced in his treatise the Doctrine of Signatures , the concept that the Creator has placed his seal on plants to indicate their medicinal uses.

In this book of nature, Paracelsus noticed how the qualities of plants so often reflected their appearance – that the seeds of skullcap, for example, resemble small skulls and, it transpires, are effective at curing headache. Similarly, the hollow stalk of garlic resembles the windpipe and it is used for throat and bronchial problems. By the same token, willow grows in damp places and will heal rheumatic conditions.

Because of this, Paracelsus held that the inner nature of plants may be discovered by their outer forms or 'signatures'. He applied this principle to food as well as medicine, remarking that "it is not in the quantity of food but in its quality that resides the Spirit of Life" – a belief familiar to those who choose to eat organic food and share the common concern over Genetically Modified substitutes that they lack 'life force', or spirit. According to Paracelsus, then, the appearance of a plant is the gateway to its spirit or consciousness

Shamans recognise the spiritual powers and qualities of plants in many ways: the colours of the flowers, their perfumes, the shape and form of their leaves, where they are growing and in what ways, the moods they evoke, and the wider geographical, cultural, or mythological landscapes they occupy

The doctrine of signatures treatise is not something known by indigenous shamans, but they understand the principles behind it well enough, that nature has spirit and communicates with us. These principles are not regarded as fanciful at all, but so important that they can save lives.

I discovered how the doctrine of signatures operates in the Amazon, for example, during my experiences with the Jergon Sacha plant.

Jergon Sacha (Dracontium peruviuanum)

My first exposure to this plant came about quite accidentally, when one day walking through the rainforest studying the properties of the plants, the maestro Javier queried why I always walked around with a machete. I jokingly replied "it's against anacondas!". He paused in thought for a moment and beckoned for me to follow him, a few minutes later we came across this tall stemmed plant. He proceeded to cut it down and then whip me around the body paying attention to my legs and the soles of my feet.. He then said "no more problems, you are protected against snakes". I asked him why this plant was used in this way, and he indicated the pattern on the stem which looks identical to the snakes in the forest. Later as I started to investigate this plant even more, I discovered some interesting correspondences; this is a plant which is widely used as an antidote against snake bite venom in the Amazon.

This is accordance with the 'doctrine of signatures' concept. This doctrine is at the heart of homeopathy, folk medicine, and plant shamanism. The doctrine was revealed by the great alchemist and physician Paracelus who lived in the 16th Century. The underlying principle was that the healing properties of the plant are not only in the outer 'physical' form, but also in their inner or spiritual nature. The Doctrine of Signatures holds that this inner nature can be revealed by it's outer physical form or signatures. This plant is a clear demonstration of the outer form indicating the inner qualities. It's use is directly related to it's physical appearance, the patterns on the tall stem closely resembles the skin patterns of the highly venomous pit viper known as 'Bushmaster' or Jararaca which is indigenous to the Amazon.

The large tuber of the plant is an well known and highly effective antidote for the bite of venomous snakes. The tuber is chopped up, and immersed in cold water and then drunk. Also the chopped tuber is placed in a banana leaf and used as a poultice which is wrapped around the bite area. These procedures are repeated every few hours. Of course the deal here is that it works, and as it not possible to store anti-venom vaccines in the rainforest without refrigeration, this plant has exceptional life-saving importance.

Mocura / Mucura Petivera Alliacea. This plant can be taken orally or used in floral baths to raise energy, or take you out of a saladera (a run of bad luck, inertia, sense of not living to the full). Gives mental strength and you can feel its effects as also with Ajo Sacha, both are varieties of 'false' garlic and have a penetrating aroma.

One of it's qualities is that on a personal psychological level it can boost one's strength. For example it is considered good in countering shyness, and can strengthen one's own sense of personal value and authority. One of it's properties is to help people overcome 'irrational' fears & fearful memories

Medicinal properties include asthma, bronchitis, reduction of fat and cholesterol. This plant grows widely in the lower Amazon, and it is used widely in purification (floral baths) .

PiƱon Colorado Jatropha gossypifoilio

Has short lived effect after drinking but helps lucid dreaming later on when you go to bed. Can be used as a planta maestra and it is a plant that maestros can take when being during their initiation. Can also take with tobacco.

The plant's properties on the physical level relate to problems such as, burns, swellings, intestinal parasites , Insect bites and stings, vaginal infections, and bronchitis. It is possible to take the resin which is much stronger but toxic if too much ingested. The resin can be applied directly to the skin.

Piri-piri, (Cyperaceae). Native people throughout the Amazon cultivate numerous varieties of medicinal sedges to treat a wide range of health problems, the native peoples for example, use sedge roots to treat headaches, fevers, cramps, dysentery and wounds as well as to ease childbirth. Special sedge varieties are cultivated by Shipiba women to improve their skill weaving and to protect their babies from illness.

Teresa a Shipiba craftswoman who joins us on our Amazon Retreats, told me that it is customary when the girls are very young for their mothers to squeeze a few drops of the 'piri piri' seed sap into their eyes in order to give their daughters the ability to have visions of the designs that she will make throughout her life.

The men cultivate special sedges to improve their hunting. Since the plant is used for such a wide range of conditions, it was once dismissed as being mere superstition. Pharmacological research has revealed the presence of ergot alkaloids, which are known to have diverse effects on the body from stimulation of the nervous system to constriction of blood vessels. These alkaloids are responsible for the wide range of medicinal uses. Apparently the ergot alkaloids come not from the plant itself but from a fungus that infects the plant.

Chanca piedra "Stone Breaker" (Phyllanthus Niruri)

This is a hybrid name "chanca" meaning "to break" in Quechua and "piedra" meaning "stone" in Spanish. This herb from the Amazon has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Rainforest for generations as an effective remedy to eliminate gall, and kidney stones. The plant has demonstrated its effectiveness against many illnesses including, kidney problems , urinary problems, colic, dysentery, jaundice and numerous other conditions. This herb has become widely used in South America as the herbal remedy for gall and kidney stones, and can typically be bought in capsule or leaf form from many stores. This plant is used only for its pharmaceutical properties, and is not a planta maestra. As a note, this plant is also starting to become known in Western Medical circles, as when I brought some back for my mother to help her with her kidney stones, her doctor was apparently familiar with this herb, but he still didn't want her to use it due to possible contra-indications with the prescribed pharmaceutical medicine.


On reflection plant medicine is totally different than pharmaceutical medication which only affects one whilst it is being taken; these kinds of plant medicines seem to have a permanent effect in some way metaphorical or otherwise altering one's consciousness or "DNA". Paracelus, is still a source of inspiration to all those who work with the healing properties of herbs, and the plants.

One of the great revelations that we can experience in working with the plant spirit or consciousness is that we are not separate from the natural world. In our culture we perceive ourselves to be separate beings with our minds firmly embedded within our physical being (typically our head). The plants can show you that this way of being is an illusion and that we are all connected, all of us and everything else is a discrete element in the great universal field of consciousness or spirit.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng shui is a term commonly thrown about in popular culture. Here is an introduction to this practical Chinese philosophy.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition involving the placement and arrangement of space and belongings. The goal is to achieve balance with the environment. The spiritual aspects of feng shui align with spiritual components of Chinese medicine. Ancient Chinese philosophy believed that mankind needed to find balance between the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine). In Chinese medicine, this means that you find balance in salty and sour or hot and cold. In feng shui, the polarity is also related to finding balance between the spaces of the living (yin) and the spaces of the dead (yang), as well as creating balance between the elements of nature and the movements of man.

Achieving equilibrium through feng shui allows a person's chi, or energy, to flow. While there is a spiritual aspect to feng shui, it is also a practical practice that aligns with the sciences of architecture and engineering. Just like the architect, practioners of feng shui consider concepts of space, astronomy, and weather. Those advanced in the practice of feng shui also consider gravity and geomagnetism.

Boiled down into a practical Western model, feng shui deals with creating spaces that increase energy or inspiration or relaxation, depending on the intended use for the space. For example, your bedroom, designed along feng shui principles would be arranged and decorated to promote peace and relaxation whereas your home office would be designed to increase energy and productivity. In addition, there are some general rules in the Western models of feng shui to promote general well-being and success. An example of this is that people are advised to leave their toilet bowls and bathroom doors closed so their financial energy won't be sucked down the drain.

Also simplified in Western practice is the Bagua. The Bagua is a diagram overlaid on a room or floor plan. It deals with direction, season, function and color. Most Westerners will use this more simplified model: black relates to career/life path; silver/gray relates to helpful people and travel; white relates to creativity and children; pink relates to love and marriage; red relates to fame and reputation; purple relates to prosperity and wealth; green relates to family and foundation; and blue relates to wisdom and knowledge.

Feng shui is an ancient practice but in its modern incarnations it has many schools and conflicting practices. Consumers should be careful that any feng shui consultants they hire are legitimate.